Thursday, January 26, 2012

Challenges Quick Update!

So far this month I have read 5 kindle books, for the challenge at @Ebook Challenge . My goal is to read 25 ebooks.

2012 Reading Challenge

On Goodreads I have read 8 out of 50.

I am only doing two challenges, since I've never really done anything like this.

I should be finished with Catching Jordan sometime today and a review should be up by tomorrow.

Happy Reading!


  1. My math skills kind of suck, but it sounds to me like you are way ahead of the pace! You're like one-fifth done with your e-books, and almost the same with your Goodreads, and it's only one-twelfth of the year. Yay, Kayla! Also curious for your Catching Jordan review. She certainly is a jock, at least as far as I've gotten. I was never the greatest at relating to that sort of thing, more the literary magazine type, I'm hoping for something to change and make her more likeable. And her dad? Worst dad ever so far, so hoping there's some developments there, too, I guess that's what makes for drama and all.

  2. I should of raised my ebook challenge I read some hardback/paperbacks but mostly I read from my kindle! Hope you enjoy the rest of the book Fred. :) Let me know how you liked it once you finish!